This week, The Kinks frontman releases a solo single, ‘Tourist EP’, and plays a a show at the Royal Albert Hall on Wed 28. What better time to call him up?

Favourite city in the world?
Ooh, difficult to say. No, don’t have one. London? New Orleans? Gosh.

What’s the best thing you can cook?
I’m a pasta wizard. And I’m good at whizzing things up from what’s left in the fridge. I’m one of those people that can make a masterpiece out of nothing.

First gig you ever went to?
I remember seeing the Rolling Stones play at my art college. But the most outstanding memory from that time was when I was playing a gig in Richmond somewhere and Davey Graham came up and borrowed my guitar and gave one of the most outstanding displays of playing. It was the guitar I used when I recorded ‘You Really Got Me’ so something rubbed off.

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