BEZ - 17 JULY 2002

Bez is DJing at this weekend’s Guilfest 2002. He needs no introduction.

What can you cook?
Me speciality is this lime chicken thing - but me kids hate it cos I’ve cooked it too many times. I can do breakfast as well, but any old cunt can do that.

What newspaper do you read?
I read whatever I come across during the day - the Mirror, the Guardian, and the Mail for the posh gossip. I’ve got loads of time so I usually end up reading them all.

What do you do on your average day?
Err, mostly get stoned.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Loads. Not as many as that fuckin’ bird from the Philippines though.

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William Orbit is the soothing electro wizzard who helped re-ignite Madonna’s career by producing and co-writing her ‘Ray Of Light’ album. Orbit’s new album ‘Hello Waveforms’ - the follow-up to 2000’s ‘Pieces In A Modern Style’ - out on Monday

What’s your favourite city?
You’ll think I’m sucking up, but it’s London. No question. I’ve lived abroad, but I’m back now and living in the centre of London. I love it.

First gig you ever went to?
My friend had tickets to see Jethro Tull, but my mum wouldn’t allow me to go. So my first gig was Focus at Finsbury Park Rainbow -so there’s my credibility blown. I remember the floor being disgusting and my ears ringing afterwards. The second one was Bob Marley, though.

What’s the best ever single?
I really liked ‘No More Heroes’ by The Stranglers. I remember buying it. Seven shillings and six, I think it was, from Opus records in Palmers Green. That was when record stores had listening booths. Sadly it doesn’t exist any more.

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For our first new Ask A Silly Question interview in six (six!) years, we called up fast-rising singer Kyla La Grange to chat about mock duck, running - on tracks and away from home - and her “miserable” debut album, Ashes (out 30 July).

Hello Kyla, how are you?
I’m good, thanks. We’re in Carlisle on our way to a radio session in Glasgow and we just bought some macaroni pies, so we feel pretty disgusting.

What is the best thing you can cook?
It’s called Mock Duck. It’s fake duck. It sounds horrible, but it’s really, really nice.

What makes up the fake duck bit?
It’s fried gluten, which comes in a tin. But I make it with a really nice sauce and stir fry veg. The sauce is really the good bit.

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To coincide with The Cure’s Hyde Park Route Of Kings show on Saturday, we called front man Robert Smith as he sat in Portsmouth’s ferry terminal.

What’s the best thing you can cook?
Curry. With all the proper spices. You’ve got to go through the process to do it right. Over the years the hotness dose has got heavier and heavier. And chilli is addictive. Both Simon and I in the band get very cranky if we don’t have at least one searingly hot curry a week.

That’s tough in America.
You can get them, you just have to know the right people. lt took us years. We actually compiled a little pamphlet of the best places to get curries in American cities. But the West Coast of America is probably the worst place in the world to get a decent curry.

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On February 20, Westlife release their somewhat optimistically titled new single, ‘Amazing’. As that song may well become the band’s 4,500th UK Number One hit, we called up main-man Shane Filan for a natter.

First gig you ever went to?
Status Quo in Sligo,my home town, about ten years ago. We didn’t get many gigs there. The Prodigy was one that always used to come. My friends always went to see them, but! wasn’t really up for that to be honest.

Did you ever get lost as a child?
Yeah. We used to go to horse shows and I got lost a couple of times.

On Wikipedia it says you love horses and used to compete in ‘horse tournaments’. Is horse tournament an official term?
No, I’ve never heard that. We called them showjumping events, like.

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On Feb 6, former Stone Roses guitarist John Squire (pictured, right) brings his solo album ‘Time Changes Everything’ (North Country) to the Shepherds Bush Empire. He called us from his country pad near Macclesfield for a natter.

Favourite city in the world?
Probably London. I’ve only ever lived there for a month, which might explain it, but I’ve had a lot of good experiences

Do you get bored living in the country?
I don’t, no. But I’ve always been very adept at entertaining myself.

Best thing you can cook?
The thing that seems to impress people is salmon on a bed of mashed potatoes with lemon and double cream with a herb, pine nut and olive puree. People tend to be impressed when you put things on top of other things rather than adjacent.

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On December 14 the Here And Now Xmas Party 2002 ’80s revival tour rolls into London (see Booking Ahead) with a bill including Kim Wilde, Five Star and Altered Images. We gave AI singer Clare Grogan a call …

Best thing you can cook?
I’m quite fond of making wild mushroom risotto when I don’t know what else to do.

You have wild mushrooms lying around?
That’s the kind of rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle I’ve got. Everything in our house is wild.

George W Bush, discuss.
I just despair even at the mention of his name.

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On Saturday, A-Ha (they’re still massive in Europe y’know) play Wembley Arena. So we gave Morten a tinkle…

Favourite city in the world?
Ah, we’re doing that again are we?

You’ve been asked that a lot?
Yeah, I just went through it and tried to say I don’t really have a favoruite because there are so many cities and they all present and represent different things.

Who asked you before?
Oh, it was… I don’t remember. It was one of you guys.

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